Back home and plugged-in

So family from out-of-town was visiting this past week, so we decided to head to Mrs. Buttonmasher’s parents’ house to hang out with the fam. Therefore I have been away and unplugged for the better part of a week. It’s been nice to be away from “the stuff” but I have been missing my travels with Niko in Liberty City. It’s nice to be back.

And just like clockwork, it’s strawberry season as well, which means the missus will be helping out at the family strawberry patch with the kids while I return to go back to work. That means some quality time with the blog, the 360 (the Wii went with the kids so they could play with the cousins), and all those places to eat that I can’t take the kids. Should be fun. I’m planning on working through GTA IV and a bunch of other games.

Let the extravaganza begin!


  1. Hooters has good wings.

    Just sayin’.

  2. @Nat – hahaha. Not that kind of place, but thanks for the suggestion.

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