In my hands…

Thanks to the folks at Rocket XL for hooking us up with a copy of Top Spin 3 from 2K Sports. There’s a lot of gaming going on around here right now. I’m not sure if I’ll actually get to TS3 tonight (I gotta beat Zuma and try the Too Human Demo) but I’ll be getting to it shortly.

In the meantime here is some media you might be interested in, if tennis games are your thing:

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  1. I find sports on a console to be a misnomer. I think some of them just try to be too realistic.

    My kind of sports: Double Dribble, Bases Loaded, Punchout, and Tecmo Bowl.

    In the “modern era” I’ve loved the MVP baseball series (how I miss you) and MLB Power Pros.

  2. I could go either way. I like the cartoony Tecmo Bowl just as much as Madden.

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