Let Me Know When It’s Over

While Tony will be writing about E3, I’ll be the devil’s advocate. As gamers we gut FUD all year long. For events like E3, it just goes over the top.

Bill Harris says it much better than I can.

In a sense, to me, it’s all epic fail. All I know is that Nintendo prints money and really wants to get into the controller business (for each individual game), Microsoft overprices hard drives (is it up? down? a new size? a phased out kit? wha…?), and Sony still appears to be in denial (everything else is just niche) .



  1. Yeah. Bill hit the nail on the head.

    As for E3 in general, I tend to just duck and cover for the week. I’d go nuts if I tried to keep up with all of the rumours, announcements and innuendo, so I just wait for the dust to settle and see what stands out.

    That said, this news about FFXIII being multiplatform AT THE SAME TIME is driving me nuts. I was looking forward to it on the PS3 but now that it will be on the 360 at the same time as the PS3, I’m not 100% sure which to go with. I should just stick with the PS3 version unless there is a really compelling reason not to.

  2. The only thing that really impresses me (and I know because my bro emailed me about it) is Netflix on the 360.

    We’ve been using the plugin through XP/Vista for a while now to watch Netflix movies on our TV, but now…

    …yeah, I’ll give Microsoft a “good call” there.

  3. Funny, there is a discussion over at Gamerswithjobs.com about the price changes at MS and when I said something along the lines of Bill’s post (I actually posted it before his blog post) I was told that Sony and MS are in a “different market” than Nintendo.

    I guess when you get tired of losing even after you move the goalposts you just move to a different field?

    I think all three companies are playing the same game, the losers are just having a hard time admitting that their strategy isn’t working.

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