Yeesh. Certainly not safe when kids are around. Or if you’ve recently eaten dinner.

Also, make sure to visit if you havenít already to enter to win titles such as Saw, Alien, and 12 Monkeys in their 100 Horror and Sci-fi DVD Sweepstakes, chosen by Dead Spaceís development team.


  1. I can understand not showing this on TV, but I didn’t find it that bad. I must be getting rather desensitized these days…

  2. The Game Informer preview interested me in this game.

    Uh, as far as the trailer goes, I dunno. I have more games to play.

    Doesn’t seem like they are inspired much by horror other than ultra-violence.

  3. @Brock – Now that the ESRB is rating trailers, they deemed this one inappropriate for anyone. Lame.

    @Nat – Seems like a lot of unnecessary blood. It does seem to have a pretty good ambiance, though.

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