Summer Vacation

Things may get busy around here this week, as I’m cleaning out some of my old drafts, posting things I should have posted weeks (months [years]) ago. Me procrastinate? Never!

Things were slow around these parts last week as I was deathly ill last week after a bad Burger King Croissan’wich (don’t ask) and then I was busy with the kids. Things at work are crazy busy this week and I’m going on vacation next week. So I want to get out out some posts and possibly have a something queued up for posts while I’m gone. You’ll still be in the capable hands of Nat while I’m gone, and there may be a robo-post in there, but I won’t be around much next week.

The wife and I are taking a trip to the Big Apple. It’s my first trip to the New York City, I’m pretty excited.

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