Too Human: I’ll Ask It Again

Is it any good? Personally, I need to see more blog reviews of games. I mean, we are the ones in the trenches. We are the ones playing games (hopefully) for enjoyment. It’s not our job to quick-play and meet a deadline and look over our shoulders at the marketing department.

Aeropause seems to think it’s good—and I don’t mean like those feminist yogurt commercials good.

Being that I am only halfway through the games main story I can’t really review it, but from what I have played so far I think the game is worthy of a 80% score. It would be a shame if this game doesn’t get a chance to improve upon itself with a sequel because of a few reviewers who just didn’t get the game. I know this is only my opinion but I truly think that Too Human is a game worthy of your money.

In the post, the author does seem to cover more of the negative aspects of the game. (I want to hear positive, people!) However, he thinks it’s a solid 80%. I’ve also heard this from others.

I think what I can honestly deduce from this game is that it does a good job of creating the love it/hate it mentality. There’s not much in the middle of the road.

Here’s the callout: show us some blog reviews in your comments below…or review it yourself.


  1. There’s a big disconnect with this game because people were bashing it even before it was out and before anyone could play it based on the fact that they hate the company that made it. Why? Because people are like that. Here’s a good review that points out some of the game’s strengths and explains that some weaknesses that have been pointed out are too one-sided (like the death animation sequence).

    The game is pretty fun, imho, though I don’t get paid to write about games so I suppose my opinion doesn’t even matter, pshaw.

  2. Again, I’m having a hoot playing the game. If you divorce the game itself from all of the drama and hyperbole that spewed forth from Dyack’s mouth over the years, it’s a very fun game. Perfect? No, but it’s fun and that more than overshadows some of the areas where it falls a bit short.

    I think that this is probably the best review I’ve read about the game so far (and not numerically, I just mean the most fair).

  3. @Bruce – The fact that you don’t get paid to write about games makes your opinion matter quite a bit.

    @Brock – I think the 10 year wait has jaded a lot of people against this game (and Dyack). It’s a shame.

    I agree with Nat waiting for some blog reviews. I’ve been wanting to set up a list of blog reviews for games, and now I’m even more energized to put something like that together.

  4. @Brock – After playing the game (yeah, I got it), the review at ars is spot on to how I feel about it.


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