In My Hands

On my hard drive: Geometry Wars 2

Also thinking about getting into my hands: Braid, Bionic Commando, Galaga Legions


  1. What, no Castle Crashers love? It’s pretty fun, esp. if you liked Golden Axe or the old Simpsons/X-Men/TMNT arcade games.

    Braid is awesome.

    Galaga Legions looked interesting but not enough to grab just yet.

    I haven’t tried Bionic Commando yet but I’ve heard great things. It’s something I will get once the fall rush is over and I need a quick fix.

  2. Haha. I find it funny that you picked up this title. Yesterday, I had it “in my hands” along with another title. I could only pick one.

    You’ll have to tell me how this one is.

    Galaga Legios just didn’t speak to me like the original (which is video game perfection—only one of a few titles)

  3. Heh. One of us… one of us…

  4. @Brock – I have mixed feeling about CC. Sounds like I’d love it (I loved the TMNT/X-Men arcade games) but I guess I drew the line arbitrarily to exclude it. The kids love Braid (rewinds at high speed crack them up) so I’ll probably grab that. I watched the Galaga Legions tutorial and did not like it. I still haven’t actually tried it but it looked too complicated. BC is FUN. I’ll get it eventually, though, as I’m not picking that one up yet.

    @Nat – agreed — Galaga is is perfection. My future arcade game room will have an original upright of this game.

  5. @Tony – Oh, you’ve been looking for one too? I’ve honestly considered making my own. I have the room and space for it now, but I just cannot seem to find one.

  6. @Nat – Making one on my own would be fun, but I used to work in an arcade and would still love to have an actual machine.

  7. @Tony – You worked in an arcade? Like Tron? Awesome!

  8. @Nat – Not quite like Tron, but close! I was actually in training to be a tech, with my own key to open up cabinets and give out free credits.

    Oh, and a key to put a new block of tickets in the Skee Ball machines. I was going to rule that arcade!


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