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I’ve been playing a browser-based MMORPG that I’ll be talking about in another post. I really enjoy “portable” games on the web. Both on my Macbook or my PC, I can log in and play at my leisure. But that’s not what type of Browser games I’m really interested in. I’m not talking about Browser-based games (or sites) like Kongregate or Whirled (which is really great and I should be mentioning more later). I’m talking about games that are actually built into your actual browser.

I know there are a few games like this already out there, but what I’m really excited about is Webwars EVE. I know Webwars EVE was announced a while ago, but I just recently came across a draft I saved with the link to the Webwars site. I registered back when I first heard of it and invited a few people to join with me, but I haven’t really checked anything else out in a while, so I thought I’d stop in and see where things were at.

Seems like things are still in the initial stages of development. There’s mention of a beta, but that seems far off. Either way, when the site eventually launches, I’d love to have a gigantic fleet of ships out there. As soon as I can, I’ll be recruiting as many buttonmashers as I can!

I really hope this game delivers on what they’re promising. Perhaps the future of PC gaming? I doubt it, but it will ruin productivity, if nothing else.

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