Little Big Planet–A Documentary

If you would have asked me in January of this year what game I would have been looking forward to playing the most it would not have been Little Big Planet. Heh. I didn’t even expect to have a PS3.

What you’re about to see is all in-game.


  1. My issues with LBP are twofold.

    1) I know that the strength of the game is in the editor and while I can completely appreciate that, I just know from experience that almost any game that is based around an editor and user-made stuff is the kind of game that I’ll tinker with for about 2 days and then shelve forever.

    Now, if it’s like Spore, where the editor and game are almost inextricably linked, I might be able to get involved enough with the editor to enjoy that side of things… I just know that my tastes tend to be more on the consumer side of things than the creator side.

    2) If LBP was being priced as a $25-40 PSN game, I’d be all over it like a sock-puppet at a hand convention. The $60 price tag is a little steep for something which, again, is essentially a VERY pretty editor.

    Convince me I’m wrong. Please! If there is a demo that lets me try out some of the creator tools, like the Creature Creator did for Spore, I might be able to convince myself it’s worth it. Maybe I can say it’s a ‘game’ that my son and I can fool around with to make crazy levels/sackboys/whatever like we do with the Spore creators.

    I’m just having a hard time reconciling my two issues.

  2. Man, that looks shiny. I have the same concern Brock does — user generated content makes me hesitant. If they can maintain a steady stream of good levels, then they’ll be on to something.

    But from a pure visual standpoint, I’d leave my 360 for it 🙂

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