Is This Thing On?

Um.  Hello.  I’d just like to thank Tony & Nat for giving me yet ANOTHER place on the web for me to go and blather about games.  I guess I’ll do a quick introduction.

I’ve been a gamer as long as I can remember.  I recall going over to my neighbour’s house and staring in envy at his shiny PONG console and sneaking over to friends’ houses to tinker with their awesome C64s and robust Colecovision consoles.

My first computer was a Texas Intstruments TI99/4a.  Alpiner rocks.

I’ve been a console player, a PC gamer, a handheld junkie and even played the odd board game.  I don’t do benchmarks, I could care less if a game is pushing 3 million polygons on the character’s left moustache hair if I’m bored to tears when I play it and I can utter the statement, “This JRPGs story is awesome AND generic” and not feel like a hypocrite.

If you poke around on the net, you’ll most likely find me going by the name Spigot on the inimitable Evil Avatar, where I write a weekly post about obscure and overlooked games (which is now going into it’s 19th week).

I plan on talking up some of the lesser known games and/or JRPGs more than anything else.  I’m absolutely burnt out on first person shooters right now and even most 3rd person action games are starting to wear on me.

I also spend far too much money on comics and books.  Somehow I am able to raise two kids and keep my wife from throwing all of my games into the garbage, though it’s an ongoing battle. 

And one last thing…

I AM CANADIAN!  Just don’t hold that against me.


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    Welcome to the team, always nice to see new faces.

  2. Welcome aboard, man.

    I played a lot of Munchman on my friends TI99. Those were the good old days.

    (BTW, flamingsquirrel: You can see faces? What kind of internet connection you got going there?)

  3. The end is near.

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