New additions at Buttonmashing dot com

After adding a couple of bloggers to the blogging family last year, I think the site benefited greatly both in frequency of content and quality of content. My buddy Dark Reyule wasn’t able to contribute as much as he originally thought he could, but Nat has added a bunch of great stuff and has been on fire recently. He’s been bringing high-quality blogging post after post.

It’s my pleasure to announce the addition of two more bloggers to the team. Each one brings a new perspective and outlook on gaming. I’ll let them post their own formal introduction, so I’ll just post there names and who they are here. The first is my brother-in-law who’ll go by Ehergeiz (I’ll let him explain that) here on the blog. The other new blogger is prolific commenter and gamer extraordinaire Brock. Both will be doing all sorts of blogging, reviewing games, posting news and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Join me in welcoming them to the site. Here’s to some more great blogging.

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