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Mirror’s Edge Time Trial Demo Codes

I’ve got some Time Trial Demo Unlock Codes for the upcoming Parkour game, Mirror’s Edge. Time Trial mode which is a mode that challenges players to use their speed and best moves to find the fastest routes throughout the city. Downloadable time trials will also be available so you can race other players in a ‘ghost’ run to see if you can match their best time from the leader boards.

If you’re interested in snagging one, send me an email at or use the contact form to let me know.

Codes are all taken. Thanks to everyone who was interested. I’ll be sending out your codes soon.

Under [Brock’s] Tree

I’m so unbelievably weak.

Fallout 3 CE

If the store had only had the normal version of the game, I could have easily resisted. But of all of the collector’s editions this fall, this is probably the most substantial. And for what you get, the cost difference was worth it in my mind.

To make penance for my lack of willpower, I am going to leave it sealed and wrap it up in gaudy paper and leave it under my Christmas tree until December 25.

In My Hands

I know, I know. It seems like every other post is a new game to play. I swear I’m not buying another game (until Gears of War 2). I’ve got a ton of games to be played (I also bought the full version of Braid last night) so I just need to stop. But I can’t help myself.

If you’re like me, then you wouldn’t be very familiar with the Fallout series (other than recognizing that it was/is a series of good games). If that’s the case, check out Gametrailers’ The Fallout Retrospective to get the back story.

Contest Time!!

Welcome to a hopefully recurring new thing here on Buttonmashing Dot Com: Contests!! Giveaways! Free stuff! Hopefully this will be a taste of things to come. It’s so exciting, it gets two exclamation points!!

Our first contest is sponsored by Split Reason, makers of fine Geek and Gamer garb like T-shirts and Hoodies. For this inaugural contest, they are giving away THREE free t-shirts to Buttonmashing Dot Com readers like you!

So here’s how this first contest is going to work. For the next three weeks Until December 10th, every time you post a comment to the site, you’re automatically entered into the contest. Each new comment you post is another entry in your favor. The more you comment, the more chances you have.

I want to avoid comments like “Me, too” and “LOL” by people looking to pad their entries, so I reserve the right to exclude any comments I feel excessively “spammy.” I want to generate good discussions and have a way to thank (i.e. reward) those who add to the it.

Zombie Day at the Mall t-shirt @ SplitReason.comSo if you’re interested in playing, now would be a great time to start your entries. The winners the will be able to choose their prize, so why not head over to Split Reason and pick out you favorite shirt and come back and tell us which it is! If it were for me, I’d definitely go with the Zombie Day at the Mall:

Since this is our first contest, we don’t have a set of contest rules, per se. I think we’ll have to restrict the contest to our fellow North Americaners. I don’t think Split Reason wants to ship anything international. Also, for this, the first contest on the site, everyone is eligible for a prize (except me). So contributors and friends and families of the site are eligible. Other than that, have fun and comment away!

MK vs DC: Pro Moves

You get this brand new fighting game. You play some of it to where you feel comfortable in your abilities. You have some friends come over in hopes of showing them the cool things that you’ve been able to pull off in the game. Only to have all your so called “abilities” mocked by all the cool stuff that your friend can do because of his Buttonmashing (shameless plug) skills.

Not anymore! The new mechanics of the MK vs DC game seems to make a focused effort in the separation between the two. You are able to either do a standard super move: a harpoon from Scorpion, a ice blast from Sub-Zero, a heat vision blast from Superman, or a Batarang from Batman. With the new “Pro Moves” you can do the same super move and with either a second button press, holding the button down longer, or by mashing the buttons as fast as you can, and you get an extra special attack or do more damage.

In the clip there is an example of Superman hitting the ground and staggering the opponent. When the pro move is used Superman smashes the ground twice with a bigger radius of effect on the second punch, a more prominent visual, and the opponent is launched into the air.

This new mechanic makes it obvious that taking the effort to learn how to actually do a move would be more beneficial than just randomly hitting the buttons. Hopefully giving everyone the desire to develop their skill. This isn’t a sure fire way to cancel out the buttonmashing crowd but it does give the player more options. If your into a more casual version of the game it’s there and if your looking for something deeper and are looking to get more out of each character then you have the ability to do so.

Motion Capture, Prince of Persia style

Jordan Mechner is posting his old journal in a series of blog entries. He recently posted a video of some motion capture video for Prince of Persia.

Watching this takes me back to AP Computer Math when we played the heck out of Prince of Persia on our Tandy 1000s.

(via Waxy)


Why is it that Star Wars video games have now become a source of hilarity? This is facepalm hilarity.

RSS readers will need to visit the site to view the video. Come on over and join the party.

In [Nat’s] Digital Hands: World of Goo

World of Goo Launch Day Trailer from 2D Boy on Vimeo.

I was able to add a few more points to my Wii profile and download the game. It’s fun. The style is reminiscent of an old public service announcement by a company. There are a lot of LOL moments here.

In My Portable Hands

We’re lousy with games around here lately!

In [Brock’s] Hands

Just got the call around 7:30pm… Now to wait for the wife to finish watching her stupid, stupid movie!

LBP Box Art

Edit: Spent about 2 hours playing around with the game tonight and it’s a lot of fun so far. The tutorials are almost all chuckle-inducing and the level design thus far is impressive.

Unfortunately, the LBP servers are down (which makes sense as the game isn’t supposed to be officially available until tomorrow) so a lot of the extra functionality is still essentially locked, but the game looks like it will take a long time to play through in order to find every little fiddly bit and hidden path in each level.

Oh, and I need to go and get myself a Playstation Eye. I’d hoped I could have hooked my 360 Vision camera, but nope.