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Nintendo DS
Well, it looks like my 360 is on the way out, again. So for the foreseeable future, I’ll be seeing a lot more DS and PC action, with the occasional DS game as well. With that in mind, here are a few games that are showing up on my radar.

For the DS, three games that have piqued my interest:

Lock’s Quest
I have mentioned this game before, but it completely fell off my radar until recently and now I’m ready to give this a go. It’s quite simple: an RPG with Tower Defense. Need I say more?

Disgaea DS
Disgaea is one of those games I’ve always been intrigued by and always wanted to play, but never had chance due to its platform exclusivity. Now that it’s coming out on the DS, Disgaea is finally within my reach. Even though it’s a port of the PSP version (which is, itself, a port of the PS2 version), I want to play this game. I’ve heard of its depth and replayability and I want a piece of that action.

Chrono Trigger DS
Being a part of the Greatest Video Game Generation™ (The 16-bit generation), I played my share of Square titles on the Super Nintendo, but one that I only played briefly was Chrono Trigger. I played enough of it (before I had to return it) to know that it was awesome. Now I get a chance to relive those memories and actually finish the game. This is going to be a great game.

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (link is in Japanese, sorry)
I love Fire Emblems on the GBA and started playing the Gamecube version before getting distracted by other games. This one isn’t due out until next year, but another one I’m anxiously awaiting. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

Is there anyway to disagree that the DS is not the best gaming console out there right now?

Dead Space
If you’ve been following the development of Dead Space at all, you already know EA is going all-out in developing the back story and setting the stage for the release of Dead Space next week. If you haven’t been following its development, definitely check out No Known Survivors. There’s lots of good stuff there. We should be getting copy here in-house and hope to have a review of it up as soon as we can. Even though my 360 is kaput, as soon as it’s back in commission, I’ll be firing this up. I am very much looking forward to this.

The Godfather II
Speaking of EA, I’ll admit interest in their upcoming open-world mobster game, The Godfather II. That’s not arriving for a while, though, so we’ll have to wait and see how it develops.

There are more games out there, especially some triple-A titles for the 360 coming out very soon. But until I get my box back in house, fully operational, it’s the DS for me.

(Updated: I knew I’d forget something. I meant to include Fire Emblem for the DS. That’s been corrected)


  1. I started Lock’s Quest earlier today…er, yesterday.

    Four hours later, I’ve still not had my fill. Amazing fun.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    if your PC can handle it, Mass Effect is a great RPG. If not, it’s also on 360, so once yours is in a non-toaster state, I suggest checking it out.

    Also anything that comes out of any orifice of Valve is gold, so get whatever you can from them xD

    World in Conflict is also the best RTS I have ever played. Probably because I don’t play many RTS games, because for the most part, I don’t enjoy the formula. World in Conflict removes the base building economy aspect. You have reinforcement points, say, a tank costs 600 reinforcement points. You call in a tank, pick a drop zone (only certain areas of the map are available, depending where and how much land your allies control) and it will be air dropped in, in around 30 seconds. If your tank is destroyed, those 600 points will trickle back in, and you can use them again. That might sound like a turn off for a lot of people, making it way to easy, but there’s a lot of strategy in when and where to call in what units. Instead of spending half an hour building your base, collecting resources, training units, etc then launching an assault on the enemy to find you went down the wrong technology tree, you jump right in. If you’ve got a lot of helicopters, and they have a lot of AA, your helicopters die. But you didn’t waste all that time building an air field, researching helicopter upgrades, etc. You just order in tanks, or jeeps, or infantry, or artillery, to deal with the AA, then you can order Helicopters again. Or just stick with your tanks.

    Long comment is long. Point is, World in Conflict is refreshing and new, it ditches the old way and tries something new, and it works, very fun.

  3. Is there anyway to disagree that the DS is not the best gaming console out there right now?

    Yeah I can it’s a hand held not a console πŸ˜›

    I have to agree that Dead Space looks amazing! Very inventive play style. All the weapons are meant for space miners πŸ˜‰

  4. I don’t know. While my DS love knows no bounds, I’m really loving the PSP right now.

    I’m really looking forward to Dead Space. It will be a great pre-Halloween fright-fest.

    Chrono Trigger DS… do you know how long I’ve pined for this? Whenever I get a new computer or gizmo that can run a SNES emulator, Chrono Trigger is the first thing I load up as a test, if nothing else. It’ll be nice to finally have a legitimate portable version of my favourite game of all time.

  5. @Nat – Good to hear LQ is fun. I’m working my way through TWEYW and then I may pick that up. Or maybe Disgaea DS.

    @FS – I actually have Mass Effect on the 360, I just haven’t gotten back to it. Never played WiC, but I may check into it. It’s been a while since I’ve played an RTS so I’m starting up a new RTS on the PC, which I’ll be blogging about in the future.

    @Woolfman – It’s just semantics. You say potato, I say DS is a console πŸ™‚

    @Brock – I pine after a PSP, let me tell you. But for now, TWEWY and my DS are keeping me warm at night. And CTDS is going to be a trip back in time. I can’t wait.

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