Tokyo Game Show Dead Rising Wii Impressions

Luke Plunkett from Kotaku was able to sit down at TGS and give Dead Rising for the Wii a good, old-fashioned try. His comments scare me.

The whole point of the first Dead Rising was that there was hundreds of zombies. Because they were slow, and stupid, and slow, it was the sheer weight of numbers that provided not only the challenge, but the enjoyment. Zombie survival fantasies don’t involve evading/killing 2 zombies, they involve evading/killing thousands of them.

You know how many zombies I saw on-screen at one time? Six. Six zombies. And that’s not in a room, or a store, that’s across the massive concourse at the start of the game. Yet they still shamble. There’s no urgency, there’s no danger. There’s no fun. To compensate, Capcom have added a few new enemies: killer poodles and killer parrots. They’re vaguely ridiculous, and do very little to make up for the lack of more shambling corpses.

Some of us were excited about using the Wii-mote to play. Well, uh…

What’s worse, the controls are woeful. To pick up a dropped item, you don’t press a button. You press the Z button and the A button. They’re on opposite sides of opposite controllers. It’s stupid. The Wii Remote aiming controls are woefully twitchy. and to switch weapons you need to us the d-pad while aiming. Meaning you can’t use the Wii Remote at that time, requiring you to aim with the nunchuk while reaching with your other hand. It’s messy. It doesnt work.

I know the game has not been released yet. It’s even been pushed back to early 2009. So, there still may be time to address the issues. I guess the craptacularness of it will make it easy for me to stick with my no violence rule a little longer.


  1. I was starting to get excited for this game, but I’m glad Kotaku could remind me that Capcom hates their customers. Whew!

  2. SOOOO Dumb! Porting this game to the Wii was not one of the smartest things Capcom ever did. (Just like that save system :/ ) What they should have been doing is get the Dead Rising team back together and make a Dead Rising 2! That would be something to be jumping up and down about. (In truth I bought my 360 just for Dead Rising.)

  3. Amen to Woolfman. Dead Rising on the Wii may sell a ton of copies, but DR2 is what I really want.

    With co-op. I know there is still talk of it being made, but this just seems to muddy the waters.

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