In My Hands

A little package appeared at my doorstep on this past Saturday afternoon:

Special Delivery!

It would appear that someone (Nat) is trying to broaden my nerd horizons, into a realm I’ve never ventured…


  1. Mwahaha… Join ussssss….

    Just stay away from manga. That stuff is like heroin.

  2. That’s because manga will kill you, not because it’s addicting.


  3. No. Reading 8 volumes of Sgt. Frog in a row will cause permanent brain damage.

  4. How weird is that? I just finished Watchmen for the first time, and now I’m working on The Dark Knight Returns for the first time as well!

  5. @Willwe know. We know

  6. All very nice choices, haven’t read the Watchmen though. But the Watchmen movie trailer looks great.


  1. […] not what you would call a “Comic Book Enthusiast” (read: NERD). People are trying to turn me into one but I’m not there yet. I don’t have the breadth of knowledge most […]

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