Damnation: Multiplayer Gameplay Video

When I first saw some single-player gameplay of Damnation I thought to myself, “Meh, just another shooter.”

After dismissing the game I promptly forgot about it.

THEN, I saw some gameplay for the multiplayer and I thought to myself, “Assassin’s Creed with guns?!?! sign me up!”

Granted the weapons don’t look like anything to write home about the gameplay looks pretty solid. Especially when you can shoot while you are hanging. There are a couple of instances in the clip where the player is either hanging off of a railing or the edge of a roof and taking shots at someone who has no clue where he’s being shot from.

Ahh… I can see the frustration now.

I have been humbled and promise to never cast aside what may appear to be just another game.

Has it happened to you before?


  1. To your question. Nope 😀 I know what I like.

  2. I’ve had it happen in the opposite direction, where something that looked awesome on paper utterly disappointed me.

    I have had a few times where a game that I’d essentially written off ended up surprising me. It doesn’t happen often, especially since the internet has blown the doors off of being surprised by anything. There are the occasional games that probably look like crap and end up turning out awesome but sadly, they’re few and far between and usually are things I hear about after the fact.

  3. Yo, that multiplayer action looked fun, but all the climbing and swinging looked like it could get confusing.

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