Grand Theft Dead Rising?

I just read this rumor earlier today on Joystiq.

While it would be weird to go from the gritty setting of Liberty City to a zombie-infested Liberty City, I would certainly approve this change. Especially if Frank West was a playable character.


  1. I don’t think this has proven to be true. It’s actually related to an achievement. If you got it, then you have a “virus” and you pass it to others that have the achievement.

  2. I would have to buy both if it’s like that. 😛

  3. There is a zombie skin you can get, I guess…

    I’m already on the verge of trading in/selling my copy of GTAIV. I beat it and doubt I’ll play it again for a LONG time, if ever… but I’m also still somewhat curious about what the DLC will be…

  4. @Brock – It was the first game I loaded up when I got my 360 back. It’s still cathartic to run down copious amounts of pedestrians.

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