Gears of War 2: The New “Mad World” Trailer

I was going through my Google reader feeds as I usually do everyday and came across this new marketing video for Gears of War 2.

I don’t know if I like it better than the “Mad World” video or not.

I feel that the “Mad World” trailer had a darker tone to it and that you couldn’t help feeling alone. Plus the music was awesome. With this new trailer entitled “The Last Day” it seemed more like the calm before the storm, at least this time Marcus has his bros to go with him. It’s kinda cool if you think how you’d feel if you were in their position. You and a couple of other guys are about to drop down underground and take on a HORDE of locusts with just your lancer. (Even though the lancer is a beast of a weapon.)

Kinda makes you think, at least it did for me.

I guess I’m just glad that they try and add some emotion to the game which is mostly about blowing stuff/people up.

Good marketing.


  1. Most. Expensive. Expansion. Evar.

    I liked this trailer. It worked for me. I even liked the original GoW, but I never beat it. I came close, but, meh, there were too many good games that kept my attention.

    I purchased GoW before I purchased Crackdown…and now you know the rest of the story.

  2. The “Mad World” trailer was a much better trailer. I am in no way exited for or about GoW2.

  3. This is a cool trailer. It’s probably the first thing I’ve seen that actually has me wanting to get off my duff and finish Gears 1 so I have an excuse to grab Gears 2 anytime soon. That’s not going to happen before March, I doubt, but this did start a little burst of “eh? Interesting…” in my brain.

    That said, the Mad World trailer was way, way better at making you feel like it was you against the hordes of hell at the end of the world. This trailer makes it seem as though mankind might have a chance…

  4. Well put Brock.

  5. I’m almost positive that Marcus Fenix has a Ohio State skull cap on in that trailer. I need to see the HD version of the trailer, but I’m almost sure of it.

    @Nat – It definitely looks and feels like it’s going to be an expansion, but if the “onslaught” mode (or whatever the never-ending, multiplayer survival mode is called) is as good as people are saying it is, sign me up!

  6. Mad World wins.

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