In [Brock’s] Hands

Just got the call around 7:30pm… Now to wait for the wife to finish watching her stupid, stupid movie!

LBP Box Art

Edit: Spent about 2 hours playing around with the game tonight and it’s a lot of fun so far. The tutorials are almost all chuckle-inducing and the level design thus far is impressive.

Unfortunately, the LBP servers are down (which makes sense as the game isn’t supposed to be officially available until tomorrow) so a lot of the extra functionality is still essentially locked, but the game looks like it will take a long time to play through in order to find every little fiddly bit and hidden path in each level.

Oh, and I need to go and get myself a Playstation Eye. I’d hoped I could have hooked my 360 Vision camera, but nope.


  1. What’s the camera for?

    Looking forward to hearing more about this one.

  2. You can use it to make ‘stickers’ and slap your mug all over your levels 🙂

  3. Wow. I cannot wait. I wonder if a regular ‘ol USB camera will work? I doubt it.

    I doubt I’ll be getting a call from Gamestop (I have it there). They take the release date as date shipped there so I get it a day later. My guess is Tuesday.

  4. I spoke too soon. Just checked the answering machine and they left a message on Friday that it would be in Saturday. Time to make a run.

  5. Nat: From what I hear, MediaMolecule went out of their way to make sure that only the Playstation Eye works with the game.

  6. Doh! Of course. This is Sony. Should I be any more surprised.

    However, I don’t care right now. Both my boys are literally rolling on the floor hysterical. My 5-year-old is playing it. I’ve not even touched it. It’s amazing how intuitive it is.

    Of course, they did nothing but Sackboy expressions for 30 minutes as well.

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