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I know, I know. It seems like every other post is a new game to play. I swear I’m not buying another game (until Gears of War 2). I’ve got a ton of games to be played (I also bought the full version of Braid last night) so I just need to stop. But I can’t help myself.

If you’re like me, then you wouldn’t be very familiar with the Fallout series (other than recognizing that it was/is a series of good games). If that’s the case, check out Gametrailers’ The Fallout Retrospective to get the back story.


  1. Nope I played Fallout 2 tons 😀 It was a very fun game. It’s just as massive as oblivion. But with a lot more things that your able to do. Fallout 3 should be great.

  2. I’ve owned the first two Fallout games for years. I would always fire them up, play around for a tiny bit and then give up.

    I sat down and started a serious playthrough of the first Fallout game a few weeks ago and once I clear a few other games (Dead Space and Fable 2, specifically) I plan on getting back to it.

    Which is a roundabout way of saying that while I intellectually really, really want to get Fallout 3, I need to resist the urge to play it until I’ve played more of the older games and also cleared out some of my backlog. This will be something I’ll likely pick up in the new year.

    I also have the Oblivion discs above my computer, glaring at me for not playing more of them despite upgrading my computer to play the bloody game. Part of me worries about Fallout 3 becoming something like Oblivion, where I tinker with it for a while and then get distracted by something shinier.

  3. So far I have found Fallout 3 to be nothing short of excellent, but this is with a mere 4 hours into it.

    They have introduced an Elder Scrolls type RPG but retained elements of the Fallout system and introduced it into this incredibly detailed world. I am stunned at how much I can apply my old Fallout thinking into this game.

    In retrospect, I think why I never really got into Fallout Tactics is because it didn’t play like a Fallout game. Fallout 2, once patched up, could be played a lot like Fallout. The same atmosphere, survival needs, and hazards were present.

    VATS is a complete joy. I’ve seen some complaints about every shot being in slow motion, but it isn’t getting on my nerves yet. Considering the use of the Oblivion style gameplay, I appreciate the ability to slow down combat a little so it is less frenetic. Not only does this help preserve the Fallout feel of the game but it has kept me from being overwhelmed since I am so depressingly alone in the game.

  4. To compensate for NOT getting Fallout 3 this week, I grabbed Fallout Tactics from Good Old Games and will give it a spin. I know it’s not like Fallout 1 or 2 in gameplay but if it has the same setting with a tactical overlay, I might enjoy it even more.

  5. I bought Oblivion for my PC and found it would not run on such an old piece of junk. So I went out and bought a X-box 360 to play it. Of course the PC game doesn’t play on the 360, (really it doesn’t I tried it) so I went and bought it again for the 360. I loved it. I gave my PC copy to Tony who never played it. Later I loaned him my 360 copy which I think he played once.

    So anyway. I liked Oblivion. Maybe I’ll like FA3 too.

  6. You just can’t trust that Tony.

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