24: Under My Radar

At one time this was my favorite show. However, it’s been almost two years since we last saw it thanks to the WGA strike. I guess this “mini-day” is to placate us. Yeah. I’m excited.

It looks like a cross between Rambo, Hotel Rwanda, Tears of the Sun, and oh, yeah, Jon Freakin’ Voight.


  1. Is this the proper start to the next season or just a one-off?

    I remember seeing a trailer for the next season of 24 just before the writer’s strike and it looked like it would really shake things up. It also didn’t look anything like this.

    I kind of hope that they wait until January to start the next season proper. I can barely keep up with my current TV schedule AND games AND any DVD’s I happen to rent. Sheesh.

  2. This is a standalone movie set between seasons 6 and 7.

  3. Ah. Ok. Is there any word on when Season 7 starts?

  4. Dude, Jack Bauer is so shooting that kid.

    Sorry, little buddy, you crossed the wrong man.

  5. Jack Bauer is so bad-ass he’d let the kid shoot him and stare down the bullet in mid-flight.

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