As if I didn’t have enough already to play…

Now I have this to deal with.


  1. lol have fun 😀 Errr well that is if you find the time 😛

  2. Hmm… I just finished up Dead Space. If only I were in the mood for another shooter.

    Note to self: Don’t be in the mood for another shooter.

  3. Lol yeah right Brock. Your going to give in 😛 Tony needs someone to play with. 😉

  4. I will say that I’m looking at my copy of Dead Space and wondering if I have another game I could trade in with it to get Gears 2 for $10 at EB.

  5. Hahahaha to Funny 😀

  6. Gamefly. Better than paying $60 for the “expansion.”

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