In from the cold

I returned on Friday from the COLDEST business trip ever and am just now getting around to catching up on emails, feeds and games. I didn’t get much gaming in over the weekend, but I’ve got pretty much the whole week off, so I’m looking forward to cramming in as many games, books and movies as I can.

Thanks to my fellow bloggers for keeping the site alive and well why I was pretty much isolated from the real world while I was working in Northern Maine. Being without internet when there’s nothing else to do is pretty soul-crushing.

So I’m out of the loop right now from the video game world. I haven’t even downloaded the new Xbox 360 dashboard. But I should be caught up soon. In the meantime, here’s the fastest Super Mario speed run I’ve ever seen:


  1. That’s where you’ve been! I was wondering why you didn’t have an avatar yet.

  2. Yeah, after Prison Break tonight I’ll be logging in and checking the NXE out. I’ve had Brutus the Buckeye for far too long.

  3. Avatar?

    Meh. I’m not impressed. There’s a lot of fluff now on the NXE and I hate having to move a bunch of stuff around to get to the games. The rolodex of ads when you boot up is not my cup of tea.

    Also, the new friends list suck monkey balls. I’d rather have the text list so I can view it all.

    Other than that, kudos to Microsoft for trying something new.

  4. I’m not sure I like all the extras, either. The friends list thing, with all the paraphenelia around each avatar is too much. Surely there’s got to be a way to change how it’s displayed?

    Has anyone tried the Netflix yet? I’m seriously considering trying that out, if my connection can handle streaming HD.

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