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What a wonderful year

Some people talk about having a game on their radar when they are looking forward to a certain game.

My radar just blew up!

Dawn of War 2

I stumbled upon this multiplayer gameplay video of Dawn of War 2 and had my eyes opened. I knew this game was in production and the screenshots that I had seen for it were spectacular, but wow! (Oh yea, make sure you watch the high bandwidth version) This game looks like it’ll have the elements of an RPG with character progression and a major part of the gameplay being an RTS from its roots in the first Dawn of War. With all the awesome games coming out soon I think 2009 will be a good year.

Everyone else feel the same? What’s on your radar?

Loot Report!

It’s been a couple days now, hopefully all the gifts have been given and received, so now it’s time for a report of the lewt haul! What’dya get?

For the first time in years, I didn’t get anything game related. This year was a bit subdued, gift-wise, for the Missus and me. We did get a 2nd Mario Kart Wheelso the kids can play two-player without getting gypped. We also got another Wii-mote, making us a 3 Wii-mote household.

I didn’t go empty-handed, however. Mrs. Buttonmasher and I bought ourselves possibly the greatest gift of all-time: a DeLonghi Deep Fryer. I don’t know how we survived this long without one. This little puppy is an AWESOME kitchen gadget. You might think this isn’t exactly the thing to have when you’re trying to watch the waistline, and you’d be right. Nevertheless, it is a thing of beauty to see the little basket come out of the oil brimming with fried food goodness. And in actuality, if you do it right, the food doesn’t absorb that much oil (as anyone who’s watched Alton Brown would know) so it isn’t totally unhealthy. Just a little.

But oh so tasty.

But game-wise, I didn’t get much. I’m contemplating picking up something for the break, but regardless of the haul, I still have plenty to do and play of the my nice, long Christmas break. Throw in some college football on the big screen, and this will still be a great holiday.

So what was your haul?

‘Tis The Season To Save

If you’ve managed to survive Christmas dinner and the Boxing Day sales, there’s one more goodie under the virtual tree this year from our good friends at Valve.

Steam is having a massive sale from now until Jan. 2, 2009. Everything is 10-75% off and there are some great deals to be had. I snagged World Of Goo for $15 (I couldn’t justify getting it for $20) as well as Ghost Master ($3) and Runaway: The Dream Of The Turtle ($7). Nothing like getting 3 games for $25, I say.

There are some really good deals on publisher bundles as well and it would be a shame for those of you interested in some unique indie games or even some big titles from the past year or two to miss out on these deals.

Merry Christmas from Criterion

Everybody remember this? Now we’ve got some proof:

(I don’t know why YouTube’s videos have gone all diarrhetic the last couple of days, but it works.)

I’m really starting to like what the fine folks at Criterion are doing. Yes, I will still pay for it. My only concern is that they’ve not said how much.

Step Up 3???

Who will win in the brutal face off between bitter riva…um actually it’s just an awesome video. Check it out!

What I Want for Christmas

Just a few days left before Christmas and we’d thought we’d share our wishes.

Nat: I want for SEGA and Team Sonic to stop making crappy games with Sonic and create a new Sonic game in the same vein as what Capcom did with Mega Man 9. Bring back to speedy glory.

Ehergeiz: I want Capcom to put out a Resident Evil 5 demo on Live before Christmas, which would be like tomorrow or so. That would be great…ah…Christmas wishes. Come on Capcom don’t disappoint.

Brock: I want the local (and online) game retailers to refuse to sell me any games for the next 12 months so I can get a headstart on catching up on all of the games from the past 2 years. And if they can’t manage that, I guess I’ll go with a new Ace Attorney or Hotel Dusk game.

Tony: Can it be only one thing? If so, I want Dead Rising 2, online co-op (2 or 4 players, doesn’t matter to me) with Frank West making a return as the Zombie Genocider. Another mall setting would be fine (Mall of America, anyone?) or a small, zombie infested, city. I don’t care where. The moon would be fine. I just want Dead Rising 2.

What’s on your wish list?

Death to Clamshell Packaging…

…at least for Sony products.

TRANSLATION: This anti-theft practice is just ripe for a lawsuit when grandma slits her wrists open with her new PS3 controller packaging so she can get her Sackboy on.

Kudos for them to try and make it easier.

The Greatest Action Figure Ever!

Bad form: announcing this just before Christmas when it’s not available yet.

Good form: what would be better than a Kirk action figure in his most defining moment.



Resident Evil Screenshot

March 13th 2009 cannot get here soon enough. More RE5 screenshots here.


My bi-annual sickness has assaulted my sinuses with a vengeance not seen in a long time. It’s knocked me out of the loop for the past day or two, so things around these parts will be slow. We’re gearing up for some end-of-the year posts, along with everything else I’ve promised in the past two months.

For now, though, I’ll be bundled up under a blanket playing some Disgaea on the DS.

What are you planning on playing this weekend?