You Have To Burn The Rope

Portal, eat your heart out. YHTBTR is my new game of the year.

In fact, go check out the top 5 indie games of 2008 on Gamasutra. Cursor*10 is awesome.


  1. This was a meme for a while.

    It fizzled out.

  2. Ok, so YHTBTR is definitely not a hard game to say the least. There were some cool games in the link you posted. Cursor*10 can be pretty nuts, after one round I could tell that there was a lot more to that game than meets the eye.

  3. Well, la dee da. I have never seen YHTBTR until today with that Gamasutra list.

    The moon wish one is pretty charming.

  4. @ Brock – Thanks for sharing the link by the way.

  5. Thanks Ehergeiz. At least SOMEONE around here appreciates me.

  6. flamingsquirrel says

    Saw this a while back, liked it a lot. Everyone I sent it to just plain old didn’t get it though.

  7. @Brock You must not have followed my pun. Oh, it’s your smell that gets to me.


  8. Even though I never figured out all the possibilities in IWIWTM, I was pretty proud of figuring out as many as I did.

  9. I get it. Hilarious.

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