My bi-annual sickness has assaulted my sinuses with a vengeance not seen in a long time. It’s knocked me out of the loop for the past day or two, so things around these parts will be slow. We’re gearing up for some end-of-the year posts, along with everything else I’ve promised in the past two months.

For now, though, I’ll be bundled up under a blanket playing some Disgaea on the DS.

What are you planning on playing this weekend?


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    I may have something similar, cause I’ve felt terrible the past couple days, and slept through most of my classes (a rare occurrence)

    I’ll be playing the usual:

    Left 4 Dead
    Guild Wars
    and now, Team Fortress 2 (picked it up for $10 last weekend on Steam)

  2. I’m playing Pack for a Trip to Pittsburgh. It’s sorta under the radar but requires a lot of peripherals.

    If I get time, I’m gonna work on Valkyria Chronicles. Very underrated. The roommates like to play Left 4 Dead, so maybe that as well.

  3. Oh, and Tony:
    1) Did you disappear from Twitter?
    2) Why no blog roll love? 😉 ->

  4. I’ve been fighting one cold, flu or other affliction after another since about mid November. Every time I feel like I’m making it back to something resembling good health, I get something else!

    I blame my kids.

    As for the weekend, I’ll probably finish up Prince Of Persia and then sink in a lot more time into Persona 4. Oh, and Chrono Trigger DS. Woo!

  5. Well I think I’ll be playing Safe Cracker and maybe some Battlefield 2, but I really hope to play some Left 4 Dead soon or I might just POP! 😛

  6. So far I have been impervious to the affliction that has been going around. Woo Hoo! for a good immune system!

    I’ll probably play some Battlefield 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance (still like the game), MK vs DC, Marvel Trading Card Game, and if all goes well some Left 4 Dead.

  7. @Flaming – You’re turning into a PC gamer on us!

    @Zack – I’m still around on Twitter. Just not as active lately. And I totally thought I had you on the blogroll. That error will be corrected!

    @Brock – I blame Nat for the sickness going around the rest of us bloggers. And I’m interested in hearing about Chrono Trigger!

    @Woolfman – Safe Cracker? What’s that?

    @Ehergeiz – you’re time will come. You’ll be in the throes of sickness sooner than later.

  8. That’s funny, Tony. Nat blames me for all of the illness rolling around on the internet.

    And Woolfman, how is Safe Cracker? I see that in the cheap bins all the time and am usually curious about how it is.

    Oh, and Chrono Trigger is amazing, as expected. I want to finish it up to see if/how it is any different, but so far it’s the same classic I adore aside from a slightly tweaked to the script.

  9. @all Actually, I’ve been unusually healthy this season. I thought I had something this last Thursday, but it turned out to be a fluke.

    We just finished a 3-day Christmas drama and I’m doing all the prep for our church stuff this week, so I don’t think I’ll have any time for some gaming. I may do some reading. Over 30 books have arrived from Amazon.

    I think we should have a PC game meetup or something in the near future: Gulid Wars, TF2, etc.

    I’ve also been configuring a new Acer Aspire One.

  10. Well Safe Cracker is an VERY difficult puzzle game. It is so hard it gives you know instruction on how to do a puzzle. Plus it never really tells you where to go and what to do next. But some of the puzzles are really well made but others are just a pure pain 😛

  11. @Nat – I’m all for some GW, it’s been a while since I’ve played it.

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