What I Want for Christmas

Just a few days left before Christmas and we’d thought we’d share our wishes.

Nat: I want for SEGA and Team Sonic to stop making crappy games with Sonic and create a new Sonic game in the same vein as what Capcom did with Mega Man 9. Bring back to speedy glory.

Ehergeiz: I want Capcom to put out a Resident Evil 5 demo on Live before Christmas, which would be like tomorrow or so. That would be great…ah…Christmas wishes. Come on Capcom don’t disappoint.

Brock: I want the local (and online) game retailers to refuse to sell me any games for the next 12 months so I can get a headstart on catching up on all of the games from the past 2 years. And if they can’t manage that, I guess I’ll go with a new Ace Attorney or Hotel Dusk game.

Tony: Can it be only one thing? If so, I want Dead Rising 2, online co-op (2 or 4 players, doesn’t matter to me) with Frank West making a return as the Zombie Genocider. Another mall setting would be fine (Mall of America, anyone?) or a small, zombie infested, city. I don’t care where. The moon would be fine. I just want Dead Rising 2.

What’s on your wish list?


  1. flamingsquirrel says

    Remember all that stuff about going PC gamer on you guys? I sorta might kinda be getting a $850 custom built *by yours truly) PC. Aside from that, mainly Valve stuff, T-shirts, posters etc. There are some other, less material things that would bring me a lot more happiness, but this isn’t MY blog.

    Oh, and Free Radical re-opening would be quite the Christmas miracle. Timesplitters was always awesome 🙁

  2. Well I have Left 4 Dead now and it’s soooo much fun. Now I want Dead Rising 2!!! 😀 Tony took my wish 😛 It realy has to be coop now. If it’s NOT I’ll not … Who am I kidding I’ll still buy it. Dang zombie games.

  3. A %^&*ing patch for #@!%ing Fallout 3 already!

  4. @FS – man, you are going full-on PC on us, aren’t you. Sounds like you’ll have quite the setup.

    @Jason – what’s up with Fallout 3? Are you playing the PC edition?

  5. I’ve been playing a lot of indie/budget games on Steam lately. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is a lot more value to most of the $15-20 games I can get either on the PSN or Steam than the majority of the $50-60 console games. Sigh.

  6. Nope, the 360 version. It crashes just as much as the PC version.

  7. @jason – Wow, when is it crashing on you? Is this a widespread problem? I think it’s only locked up on me once. That’s troublesome.

  8. I’ve only played it once on the new HDTV but nary a hiccup.

    The game would randomly lock up on me when it was loading an area and “Disc Read Errors” were common even though I took the option of installing it to the 360 Hard Drive.

    I’m starting to wonder if they had rendering problems in SDTV. Again, I have yet to play it extensively on my HDTV but it has been smooth as glass.

  9. I have heard that Fallout 3 has a lot of lock-ups when you install it to the HDD on the 360 version.

    I’ve put in about 15-20 hours on my 360 (without installing it) and haven’t had it lock up yet.

  10. I’m going to take it off because it doesn’t seem to be helping in the least. The game seems to be just as bad as it was before.

    So far it seems like there have been no advantages to installing games to the HDD.

  11. @Jason O – Oh, Microsoft sees the advantage. Your hard drive is full? Oh, get our new overpriced one!

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