Loot Report!

It’s been a couple days now, hopefully all the gifts have been given and received, so now it’s time for a report of the lewt haul! What’dya get?

For the first time in years, I didn’t get anything game related. This year was a bit subdued, gift-wise, for the Missus and me. We did get a 2nd Mario Kart Wheelso the kids can play two-player without getting gypped. We also got another Wii-mote, making us a 3 Wii-mote household.

I didn’t go empty-handed, however. Mrs. Buttonmasher and I bought ourselves possibly the greatest gift of all-time: a DeLonghi Deep Fryer. I don’t know how we survived this long without one. This little puppy is an AWESOME kitchen gadget. You might think this isn’t exactly the thing to have when you’re trying to watch the waistline, and you’d be right. Nevertheless, it is a thing of beauty to see the little basket come out of the oil brimming with fried food goodness. And in actuality, if you do it right, the food doesn’t absorb that much oil (as anyone who’s watched Alton Brown would know) so it isn’t totally unhealthy. Just a little.

But oh so tasty.

But game-wise, I didn’t get much. I’m contemplating picking up something for the break, but regardless of the haul, I still have plenty to do and play of the my nice, long Christmas break. Throw in some college football on the big screen, and this will still be a great holiday.

So what was your haul?


  1. Well lets see … I got Left 4 Dead for PC 😀

  2. A blue jay bird feeder
    scores of gift cards


    The entire Rock Band 2 set.

    Yes, we rocked all night long.

  3. (PC) Left 4 Dead

    (DS) Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics: A2, Bangai-O Spirits

    (Xbox 360) Fable II

    Really haven’t been able to play much of anything lately except on the DS thanks to traveling and all of the holiday madness. 😉

  4. @Nat – I wouldn’t peg you as a Rock Band kind of guy.

    @Ehergeiz – I’m looking forward to some Disgaea battles, once you level up some 🙂

  5. @Tony – I have a LONG way to go to catch up to you. But I’m trying. = )

    @Everyone – When are we all gonna play a game together? Whether an old game (Guild Wars, Starcraft, etc.) or a new one (on 360 or pc, heck even DS works for me).

  6. I didn’t really get much besides an iPod alarm clock docking station and some clothes. That’s ok though, as I’d told people not to bother getting m anything. I’d been buying enough stuff for myself during the year, so I didn’t need or want anything else 🙂

    I’d play some Disgaea battles with you guys but I have the PSP version.

    Nat: If you have RB2 for the 360, we’ll have to jam. I haven’t used my copy for most of the fall, what with all of the games.

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