The Beginning of EndWar

Nothing is more satisfying than talking to units in a game and getting so lost in it that you think you are playing with actual people.

Developers, put this tech in more games, please.

The live, online campaign is amazing as well. The polish here is outstanding. This might be one of my first hidden gems of the year.

Best game no one played indeed.


  1. I would like to edit to that request:

    “Developers, put this tech into more games, and be sure that I don’t need to shout into the mic for the game to understand me, please.”

    The game misinterprets much of what I say. How can “Unit 12, engage Hostile 1” possibly sound like “Launch WMD?” That comes up all the time for me. When I yell, it understands my commands, but then my throat hurts for days after the fact.

    Despite that complaint, I do like the game very much. My throat just can’t handle playing more than once every few weeks.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    I tried the demo (back when I still had my PS3) and I have to say, the voice commands worked flawlessly, it was pretty neat. Problem was, take out the voice commands, and it’s just a mediocre RTS. I was playing through World In Conflict at the time, and that’s a GREAT RTS, so I might have been a little less tolerating than usual…

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