Mario Gravity

Because I am a gigantic nerd, I love this: Acceleration Due to Gravity: Super Mario Brothers


  1. Ha! That looks like the math independent study I did back in high school where I measured the speed of Sonic compared to a live hedgehog.

  2. Man, why couldn’t I get a project like that!?

  3. Well, I wasn’t given the project. I came up with it on my own. Since it was an independent study, I just had to do something with whatever the topic in math class was and I was able to somehow make it into a videogame-based project.

  4. That is awesome Brock! If I get the chance in any of my classes to do an independent study I’ll have to copy that but give you credit for the idea. 😉

    I mean who doesn’t like sonic?

    Just look at my gamer pic.

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