Mount & Blade on ‘Da Cheap

Sandbox RPG Mount & Blade is on Steam this weekend for 75% off. That brings the price to $7.50. Yep, I’ve heard good things and I’ll try it for that.

Mount and Blade

I seriously love Steam.


  1. I came very close to getting this during the Steam Holiday Sale but it was still $15.

    $7.50, on the other hand… Methinks I might avail myself of this opportunity.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    It’s a fun game. If you’re not going to get it “On ‘Da Free”, $7.50 is a great deal. Plus, I think it’s a married couple that made the entire thing themselves, and through steam, they’re a lot more likely to actually see some of that money.

    Very cool medieval horseback combat, etc.

  3. I haven’t played the more recent versions but even the earlier betas were worth the $20 I paid for them. This is truly a great game.

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