Seven days without gaming…

…makes one week.

Okay, that was lame. But I just realized that, other than Spider Solitaire, I haven’t played a single game in over a week. This is partly due to my kids doing torsion strength testing on my DS Lite’s hinges (it can’t withstand the force of two kids twisting it. It broke.) and mostly because I’ve been so stonking busy.

That being said, I did get in quite a bit of gaming the week before, so this is basically a weak attempt to say I actually do have some gaming to blog about, I just haven’t managed to get around to it. So no recent gaming for me. Even the weekend gaming was a no-go since this weekend was full of birthdays (mine, my daughter’s and the bro-in-law’s [Ehergeiz]).

So hopefully some of you guys got some weekend gaming in. Anyone play anything new or exciting?


  1. I hope you enjoyed your birthday!

    New: Halo Wars Demo (awesome)
    Exciting: Fallout 3 (always fun)

  2. Well i’ve been playing some Runes of Magic and some Oblivion šŸ˜‰ I love Mods.

  3. Yea~! Go me it’s my birthday today! = )

    I haven’t been playing much of anything as of late. I’ve been busy too. Just some of my old games because I got a new video card for my PC for my B-day.

    I finally played some Runes of Magic yesterday night, after the 5day(exaggerating)download/patch and a server crash. It seems pretty fun so far. Being free is also a bonus.

    Playing games with the settings turned up really makes a difference when you have a video card that can handle it. So I’ve been playing all my old games and see how much nicer they look and play.

  4. FlamingSquirrel says

    World in Conflict, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2 are still awesome, as always.

    I’ve bee giving CoD:WaW another shot, I really didn’t like it at first, and now, well it’s decent. It’s not as good as CoD:4 (the single player, at least, I haven’t had the chance to try CoD:WaWs multiplayer, though CoD4s online play was amazing). It sort of feels forced. Everything is VERY VERY scripted, and it’s VERY obvious, and then the heavy rock music etc, it feels like its trying too hard to cater to the standard Xbox 360 frat boy stereotype.

    Erm, I just got Burnout Paradise for PC, very cool game, I’m not big on racers, but I’m having some fun with it.

    Right now, I intend to get something to eat, then boot up the F.E.A.R. 2: Origins demo, and test that out. From what I’ve seen, FEAR 2 looks pretty badass.

  5. I spent most of the weekend playing Persona 4. I technically finished it, though I went for the ‘bad’ ending. Now I’m working to get the ‘good’ (and possibly ‘true’) ending. Such a great JRPG.

    Other than that, I farted around with a few casual games on Steam and played Theresia on the DS. I’ll be doing some write-ups on a few games in the coming days. I’ve been so obsessed with beating Persona 4 that pretty much everything else has fallen by the wayside.

  6. Well now I’m energized to get some gaming in. I think I’m going to brush up on some GTA IV moves, try out the Halo Wars demo and finish Fallout 3.

    Right now, I don’t think I’ll be picking up the new DLC. From what I’ve read, it’s not worth it. Maybe it will drop in price.

    I also want to get some L4D in with some real people.

  7. This is how we know what’s right here:

    Tony – 8th
    Ehergeiz and me – 9th
    Brock – does he have a birthday?

    EDIT: Also this has been a CRAZY month of gaming for me (typical for Jan/Feb.):

    • Daxter
    • GTA IV
    • GTA: San Andreas
    • Soldner-X
    • Monster Trucks Nitro
    • Kings Bounty Legend (PC GOTY–I’ve not said much about it cause I’ve been engrossed like no other)
    • Ultimate Shooter Collection
    • Rock Band 2
    • The Last Guy
    • Burnout Paradise
    • Bunch of MAME stuff: 19xx games and various shooters
    • Ticket to Ride (the boardgame)
    • hide the toy cars (with my kids)
    • reading all sorts of comics (Astro City trades, Captain America, Daredevil, Eternals, The Spirit, Thunderbolts, and Sakarr, son of Hulk
  8. I don’t have a birthday. I just have the day my code was compiled…

    And I’m a March kid myself. You freaky February folk can f… find something fun to feed your faces.

    Happy belated B-Day to everyone.

    Oh, and I’m 97 hours into Persona 4 and have just a wee bit left before the final boss. Woo!

  9. FlamingSquirrel says

    The F.E.A.R. 2 demo was RIDICULOUSLY cool! I love creepy games like that! You guys should check out the demo on your respective system.

  10. @Nat – That is an insane list. Makes me jealous. I did beat Grow Tower last night. That was an achievement.

    @Brock – 97 hours is dedication, bordering on obsession. You have remembered to eat and sleep, right?

    @FS – It’s on my list to check out on the 360.

  11. Congrats on beating Grow Tower, Tony. I spent a while fiddling with that a little while ago when I saw it mentioned somewhere. Addictive thing, that.

    And I’m essentially finished Persona 4. I just have to go and fight the final boss and watch some cutscenes and that’s about that with that. I could do a bonus dungeon to see the ‘true’ ending, but I am at the point where I just want to see how the game is supposed to end and be done with it. Having an even better ending can wait for now…

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