Wake Up and Smell the Defense Grid

I’m not a big fan of tower defense games, but I have dabbled a little in Ninjatown (Wow. That’s another story. Uh….squee?) and a couple of web versions. Something about the sit/wait mechanic makes me somewhat anxious when I play. However, it didn’t stay that way.

Enter Defense Grid: The Awakening. It was at a reasonable price during the Steam holiday sale so I figured why not? In short, I love it.

It has that right sense of gameplay and a surprising amount of humor in the form of your AI interface to the defense towers. The game is full of Steam achievements and has a good deal of levels and challenges (being amped up difficulty replays). Online leaderboards? Yes.

The only reason I’ve not done a 2 Minute Review is because I’ve not completed it yet. I’ve been too busy taking my time with this game, enjoying and replaying the levels with different strategies.

Basically this writeup is a shill for Steam once again because it looks like it’s being sold for 25% off. I think it’s worth $15, but no more.


  1. FlamingSquirrel says

    Damnit, Why’d you do this to me. I love Tower Defense games.


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