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Team Uniforms!

It’s almost as if Penny Arcade decide to provide Team Buttonmashing with jerseys:


I love these shirts.

Preview – Lux Pain [DS]

Lux Pain

Genre: Adventure
Website: Lux Pain
Developer: Ignition Entertainment
Release Date: March 24, 2009
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So what is Lux Pain? Lux Pain is an adventure game on the Nintendo DS that takes place in Kisaragi City where something is going terribly wrong. Worms born of hate are infecting people, causing them to do hateful things. You play Atsuki, looking to avenge your parents, who were on the receiving end of said hateful things.

That might sound like your typical game set-up, but Lux Pain is more than that. The game uses the DS touch screen in some pretty interesting ways to interact with the game, including dissecting these terrible brain worms. Sounds delightful. Here’s a partial list of the game play:

  • Investigate your surroundings and gather hints by conversing with characters in the game
  • Use your Psychic Powers to save potential victims from Silent Worms.
  • Explore the massive world of Kisaragi City
  • Use your stylus to:
  • Conduct autopsies of Silent worms found throughout the game
  • Find parasites before they reach the heart of the victim
  • Examine various items you encounter along your journey such as buildings and objects

I’ve posted some images and screenshots on Flickr. You can see the trailer video after the jump.

Brock will be providing us a review. Look for it soon.
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Prototype: Top 10 Reasons Trailer

These are the same guys who brought us the old Hulk game on the xbox and that was fun for the era. This new game kind of blows that one out of the water from what I’ve seen. Any of the reasons that they listed in the trailer for getting the game work for me. I especially like the pwning anyone clip.

Powerbomb someone off of a skyscraper?

Yes please!

That’s not my favorite part though. My favorite reason to get this game is the devastator attacks. The screen-encompassing attacks look great and seem to get the job done.

More agility than spider-man, stronger than the hulk, and add the symbiote abilities of venom only more deadly, anyone going to be able to stop this guy?

P.S. That armblade he has is wicked cool.

Pure Awesomeness!!!

There isn’t much in the beginning of this clip but it turns up the awesome dial around 0:50.

The second angle on the action towards the end of the clips lets you know how high the car gets.

[2 Minute Review] Star Wars The Clone Wars Lightsaber Duels

Is this the lightsaber game we’ve all been hoping for?


No—unless you’re six.

DO: You are a Jedi from the Clone Wars era.

TYPE: Fighter.


PRICE: $50

MEAT: There’s isn’t much to chew on. Using the motion controls of the Wii, one buttonm—er, wagglemashes the controller to defeat your foes. Most matches can be won by swinging your arms like mad. The game is over in two hours. It’s dangerous to play with two people in close proximity. My six-year-old son beat it in two sittings.


PERKS: it’s like animating your own cartoon; accessible for anyone who can move a Wii controller; some unlockables in characters; Obi-wan in his clone armor

SCREAMS: for more depth; to have a sense of saber immersion—lack of actual feedback hurts it; the title, really? that long? You’re kidding; to be about $20-30 cheaper; to not be a cash-in by Lucas—hey, it’s what he does now; the lame saber clash sound in the remote gets old.

VERDICT: Pass…unless you have a young kid and need for them to burn some energy. My kid loves it.

Having a true Wii lightsaber game is a pipedream. Why? There’s no sense of feedback. You’re just cutting air. Hate to destroy fanboys hopes, but it’s not gonna happen like you fantasize.