InFamous Trailer = “I’m Scared”

This is the only AAA (read:overpriced) title I’m looking forward to this year. It sort of reminds me of Crackdown. That is a Good Thing.TM


  1. For a minute I thought this was the trailer for Prototype (I just woke up, so sue me) but it’s nice to see more inFamous in action. Any word on when it is shipping?

    I’m with you though. This is about the only AAA title I can see myself parting with good money for at the moment. I was going to get Heavy Rain day one as well, but the more I think about it, the more I want to rent it first to see how long it is and how it plays out.

  2. @Brock Shipping in 2009. I wish it was in the next two months.

  3. I stand corrected.


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