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Mr. BubblesIt’s the weekend! Time for gaming galore!

I’m hoping this weekend can be a “completist” weekend for me. I left Fallout 3 in limbo when I got Left 4 Dead and The Lost and Damned, so I’m going to try and wrap that up, along with TLAD. If I get really ambitious, I may finish up the long-forgotten BioShock. Along with that, I finally got around to picking up NCAA 09, so I’m giving that a go his weekend. The one thing I probably won’t be playing is Resident Evil 5. I’m going to let that one mellow a bit before I pick it up. I know I’ll eventually get it, but I’m resisting at the moment (but I know I am weak and will give in sooner rather than later).

What are you playing (or finishing) this weekend?


  1. Well I just got a bunch of PC games.
    (Great stealthy fun.)
    -Condemned:Criminal Origins
    (Really freaky fun.)
    -Splinter Cell:Double Agent
    (Not as fun as I hoped. I think I still need to give it more time.)

    Plus I’m still waiting to get Rainbow Six Vegas.

  2. flamingsquirrel says

    UT3 ($11 on steam, or $12 for a DVD copy from Gamestop. BUY IT! IT’S AWESOME!)

    and I’ve actually started playing Fallout 3 again myself. I’ve finished it once before, though. My Mythology teacher recently picked it up for his 360 (yeah, that’s right, not only do I get to take a class on greek mythology, but the teacher is a gamer too) and we had something like a 20 minutes discussion on it after class, which of course, made me want to play it again. So now I’m messing with a bunch of mods etc that tweak the game to actually be *shock* challenging. Plus I’m doing a “good” character, so not robbing everyone blind leaves me with a lot fewer resources than normal.

  3. I have a three hour training session for our teens tomorrow night. My gaming will probably be nil until then.

    However, we did get Clone Wars: Lightsaber Wars from Gamefly today. I wathced my kid play for about an hour and a half. He beat it. It’s a pretty shallow game and it gives new meaning to the term buttonmashing.


  4. I’m hoping my copy of MadWorld is in tomorrow. Other than that, I’m probably going to play a bit of Eat Lead: The Return Of Matt Hazard, some Fallout 3, some DQIV, maybe a bit of Peggle or Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble! and a bit of Devil Summoner.

    Right now I’m going to bed.

  5. I’m thinking I’ll get some more quality time with Street Fighter IV and Ninja Gaiden 2. Other than that maybe some PC gaming like Unreal Tournament 3, Left 4 Dead, Battlefield 2, or even some Runes of Magic.

  6. @flaming – That’s pretty cool to have a teacher to talk gaming with. My teachers just took away our EGMs and made us format the floppies we had Prince of Persia on.

    @Nat – good point, we definitely need a new term for crazy Wii shaking. My kids do some crazy stuff with the Wiimote in Carnival Games.

    @Brock – I haven’t heard much good about Eat Lead. How is it?

    @Ehergeiz – you better spend as much time as you can with SFIV, because Zangeif is coming for you!

  7. I’m really enjoying Eat Lead. It doesn’t reinvent the 3rd person shooter, but it is a perfect send-up of about a thousand different gaming tropes. I have been calling it a BBB-game. Not AAA… BBB…

    I haven’t read any of the reviews for the game outside of the Gamespy one, so I’m not sure what they’re complaining about, but I’m having a lot of fun with it.

  8. @Tony – If your ready to not be treated like weak sauce I can turn the Hadoken!!!! up for ya. Anywhere, anytime, it’s on.

    @Brock – Sorry about before on SFIV, I would have played you more if I realized it was you. My bad.

  9. Don’t worry about SFIV. I wasn’t playing against anyone aside from a few random pubbies on Live. I only spent about 2 hours with the game and decided it wasn’t for me.

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