Preview – Lux Pain [DS]

Lux Pain

Genre: Adventure
Website: Lux Pain
Developer: Ignition Entertainment
Release Date: March 24, 2009
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So what is Lux Pain? Lux Pain is an adventure game on the Nintendo DS that takes place in Kisaragi City where something is going terribly wrong. Worms born of hate are infecting people, causing them to do hateful things. You play Atsuki, looking to avenge your parents, who were on the receiving end of said hateful things.

That might sound like your typical game set-up, but Lux Pain is more than that. The game uses the DS touch screen in some pretty interesting ways to interact with the game, including dissecting these terrible brain worms. Sounds delightful. Here’s a partial list of the game play:

  • Investigate your surroundings and gather hints by conversing with characters in the game
  • Use your Psychic Powers to save potential victims from Silent Worms.
  • Explore the massive world of Kisaragi City
  • Use your stylus to:
    • Conduct autopsies of Silent worms found throughout the game
    • Find parasites before they reach the heart of the victim
    • Examine various items you encounter along your journey such as buildings and objects

I’ve posted some images and screenshots on Flickr. You can see the trailer video after the jump.

Brock will be providing us a review. Look for it soon.


  1. I’m reminded of this scene. (45 seconds in is the key).

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