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There has been a spat of inactivity around these parts for numerous reasons: Nat was occupied with real life and is working on a new look for the site, Brock is too busy gaming and work for has me planning for extended periods of travel. But with the weekend upon us, we’ll still be gaming.

I finished the GTA IV expansion a couple weeks ago and I really thought I’d dive back into my backlog, maybe Fallout 3, but I got sucked into playing NCAA 09 (the football game) with some friends in an online dynasty and that’s been taking a lot of my time. Sure, I’m six or seven months late to the party, but I’m having a good time with it. So I’ll be playing a little of that and maybe finish up Fallout 3 this weekend. And in my spare time, we’ll sprinkle in some Disgaea on the DS. That game certainly has it’s hooks in me.

What’s on tap for you this weekend?


  1. Since I’m heading back home for the Easter weekend I’ll be playing some Street Fighter IV with my brother(well actually practicing destroying someone is more like it). I think there will be some Runes of Magic, Rainbow Six Vegas, Ninja Gaiden 2 and several other games to be played.

    Oh and maybe some stuff on my DS, the desire to play on the DS comes in waves for me and I’ve been in a lull so it’s time for that wave to rise.

  2. A game almost no one has heard about called BattleForge.

  3. @Ehergeiz – are you planning on visiting with the rest of the family? 🙂

    @Nat – is BF getting good/better?

  4. I’ve been playing the “outwit the toddler who won’t sleep” game most of tonight…

    In other news, I’m really digging Lux Pain and just picked up Rhythm Heaven with some surprise (and belated) birthday money. It has been a lot of DS and Steam games this weekend for me. I made progress in Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! last night and am enjoying how silly yet deep this simplistic looking game is.

    The DS has seena lot of love from me recently (I essentially bet Chrono Trigger the other day (for the 300th time) but can’t seem to take down Lavos’ final form yet…) and when I concider how much I’m enjoying those games for the relatively low price they cost in comparison to the $65-70 most ‘real’ games are costing these days…

  5. @Tony – I don’t know. I don’t speak German.

  6. @Brock – I’m interested in hearing more about Rythm Heaven. Is it anything like Ouendan/Elite Beat Agents?

    @Nat – why would you need to speak German?

  7. This game must be selling well in Germany because most of the players I am coming across are speaking it.

  8. Rhythm Heaven is like a combination of Warioware and EBA. It’s a lot of little minigames that use music as the basis of whatever you’re doing.

    It’s stupidly addictive.

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