PC Gaming Deals…and Then Some

I have come across some great PC games lately (expect some reviews soon) and I want to pass along where I either purchased them or where Iíve found them discounted.  Theyíre not super cheap, so donít get your hopes up, but I do initially recommend all three.

Iíd be willing to play any of the titles with anyone who has them. Co-op is a blast in all three.

Dawn of War II


When it comes to RTS games, Relic is the pretty boy on the block right now. This game oozes atmosphere and style.



Just released this week, itís my new PC passion. Think of it as chess meets an RTS meets an RPG meets huge lumbering beast and you get this gem.



Iíd also recommend BattleForge, but itís not being discounted right now. Iím not a big fan of collectable card games or micro transactions.  However, this game comes with $30 in credit on top of the initial decks of cards you get. Essentially, you donít need to pay extra to playóand play well. Take a CCG and marry it to an RTS and you get this game. It has 2, 4, and 12-player co-op.

Buttonmashing is getting nothing out of this other than, hopefully, people I know would want to play online.


  1. As I found out with Saga, those collectible card RTS games are going to be the death of me. There’s a third game (Dreamworlds The Reawakening) that is calling to me, as well. Battle Forge looks tempting.

    I may pick up DoW 2, as well. The demo was a good time.

  2. I was waiting for DoW2 to drop in price. Once it did, I bought it immediately. I am really digging this game. I’ve only played single player, but I wouldn’t mind trying out some co-op or multiplayer.

    As a side note, I really like Games for Windows LIVE. I like having access to my friends list and being able to still communicate with my 360 peeps. I hope that MS adds the ability to join a party and to run GFWL outside of a game.

  3. @Will My gammertag is agentgray. Add me and we can co-op some rounds. I’m not big into vs. play, but I’ll do it. ūüėÄ

    As much as hardcore gammers grive about GFWL, I find it to be welcoming and, for me, it just works. I wish other GFW games used it. Demigod, I’m talking to you.

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