It’s A Power Trip

We finally get a trailer for inFAMOUS that rises above mediocrity. I want to play this game today. May 26 cannot come soon enough. Amazon has it available for pre-order and I’m a Prime member. I may get it from them just so I’ll have it release day, and I won’t have to go to any stores. I’ll still play the demo, but this video instills some more faith.

It will probably be the only $60 game I’ll buy all year. Well, ok, there’s Dead Rising 2 as well.


  1. Finally, a good trailer for the game. Some of the early ones looked sweet but were a little too light on actual content for me. But this… I think this has swung the pendulum back into the excited side of things. I had begun to have doubts about whether I’d bother getting it right away but I’m sold now.

    I’m with you on the lack of $60 game purchases this year. I think I’ve only actually bought one game for the $50-60 price so far this year and that was MadWorld. I’ve spent a few bucks on a pile of Steam, PSP and DS games, but at least there I can get 2-3 games for what one PS3/360 game runs me.

  2. So we have Dead Rising + Crackdown? That’s pretty much my dream game.

  3. It’s not necessarily zombies. Something apocalyptic has happened to the city…and you.

    From the way I understand it and based on the way you play you are either looked upon as a hero and savior or a monster and rebel.

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