I don’t Get Free Realms

Ok. How is something so polished supposed to be FREE. Of course, there are micro-transaction upgrades, but uhHere are some initial neat things.

  • Its like a meld of WoW and Guild Warsas far as the interfaces go.
  • Its streams the data in the background.
  • You can record video and upload it to youtube.
  • Its pretty quick and seamless. The game recognized my non-standard widescreen resolution and adjusted accordingly.
  • The mini-games are actually funfor now. I can see it getting old.
  • The game initially holds your hand pretty well.
  • Temporary names are awesome. I dont think were going see crap for names.

Heres what I think of Sony and their offering it for FREE:

      cookIm going to be the best cook in all the Realm

      Right now my name is Nathaniel Rainmelder. Its my temporary name until the one I chose is approved.


      1. I think they deleted all the beta characters. I only played for an hour or so but my template name was “Grayson Phantomwhisper.” which was the most pretentious thing I could come up with the name-parts.

      2. Oh, and if there is one thing that characterizes Sony, it is throwing absolute _piles_ of money at ideas they have under their skin. I have stories I cannot share that would spin your head.

      3. @Zack – I hope at some point we get to hear those stories…

      4. hey guys i KNOW i dont know u and u no i never really felt i wanted to but im asking u now that HOW IN THE CRAPHEAD AM I SUPPOSED TO GET ON FREEREALMS!!!I MEAN IM GOING CRAZY ABOUT NOT GETTING ON TELL ME AND ILL LEAVE U A LONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OO *
        __ *

      5. please SOMEONE atleast SOMEONE ANSWER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        🙂 jessica

      6. i love freerealms and i wish i could get on just please answer me someone!!!i need help…….


      7. thats it!!!
        jessica out!!!

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