Oh Yes, Wait A Minute, Mr. Postman

I’ve taken a break working towards being the first Iron Chef in Free Realms. I was never much for games where you played as a mailman. Yes, Postal is stupid. However, being a postman (runner) in this game is a hoot.

mrpostman Dig those knee-highs.

Expect a 2MR sometime in the future. As always clicky-clicky for a larger image-y.


  1. I’m level 17 as a chef, and like 12 as a blacksmith.

    I’m quite happy with the game, and have already handed them $15 just out of principle.

  2. Sweet. I’ve come close, but I’ll dig a little deeper before they get my $4.99/mo.

    If they do, then their strategy worked.

    My name was approved (Connyr Shyrd). Add me if you want and we’ll make some stew…or I can at least deliver it for you.


  3. Okay, I’m signing up tonight.

    And I’m pretty sure Postal wasn’t about delivering the mail 🙂

    Unless by “mail” you meant dynamite in the midst of a marching band.

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