Crackdown 2 Trailer


The city is infected? Sounds like zombies. I have to let out a sigh here.  In videogaming terms, I think zombies are the new WWII. Shoot, we’ve got WWII games with zombies now.

Oh, and the video is lightly spoilerly (I made that up). If you’ve not played the first game. It makes for an interesting premise knowing how the first game ends.

I don’t know if we’ll go crazy here with E3 stuff. (That’s Tony’s call). However we all love Crackdown. So there.


  1. Crack Rising 2? Dead Crack 2?

    Maybe this is a way to work in big boss battles. I’m okay with that.

    Oh, and: post all the E3 you want.

  2. Eh. I could do without the zombies but if nothing else, inFamous has made me yearn for more Crackdown.

  3. The sad thing is: whether Crackdown 2 has zombies or not, haven’t we been playing against zombies all along? It’s not like the A.I. was incredibly brilliant in the first Crackdown. It would have been nice if they built upon the original more than they did by having truly “big” bosses or multiple tiers of enemy types.

    Maybe the problem is now: with you being an anti-hero, what can you destroy with reckless abandon and not feel guilty about it?


  4. @Mark—With that argument, and I don’t disagree, wouldn’t almost every enemy in every game be a zombie?


  5. The shadow looked more like some random monster and not exactly a zombie. I’ll withhold judgment. Besides, how well would that work in the Crackdown world anyway.

    I’m stoked for a new Crackdown game. Sadly, it will not be done by Realtime Worlds.

  6. Jason: Actually, Crackdown 2 is kind of, sorta being made by Realtime Worlds. Most of the staff at the company developing CD2 are former devs from RTW.


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