Watch As Bioware Fixes Star Wars

George, please, watch and take notes as we see Bioware show us what (clearly, this is what they are doing) a duel between Obi-Wan and Vader (what we wanted—not Anakain) could have been.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMO I’m starting to take an interest in.


  1. Darn! You beat me to posting this one Nat.

    The cinematic is pure awesome.

    Now, the game on the other hand looks a lot more on the cartoony side. I’ll actually think about trying it out if it’s less toony than I think it will be.

    Being made by Bioware can only mean great things for the game…hopefully.

  2. My thoughts exactly. I watched this trailer thinking to myself — this is what the pre-trilogy should have looked like.

    I never got into Star Wars Galaxies but I am interested to see what Bioware can do.


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