It’s finally back in the game [E3 2009]

I’ve got an E3 post coming up shortly, but I quickly wanted to post how excited I am that EA has announced that the “Create A School” feature is finally back in the game.

This was a mainstay in all the NCAA games I played on the Gamecube and has been sorely missed in the recent 360 versions. I’ve already played around with the create-a-school website and I whole-heartedly approve.

I just wish I could figure out how to link directly my team (The North Royalton University, named after my high school) but if you know how, let me know. Here’s a screen grab of my unis:

Create a Team


  1. What happened to Thaman? lol Nice job on the uniform.

  2. Thanks, Greg. But no Thaman for me. Anytime I create North Royalton University, the team is headed up by Coach Wotoweic.

    “Don’t hurt me, Anthony!”

  3. Also, I figured out how to link my team, if you have NCAA 10 on the 360:

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