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Well, fifty bucks isn’t exactly cheap, but shortly after I wrote about wanting to pick up Red Faction Guerilla, I noticed the 360 version(you’ll have to select 360 instead of PS3) is currently on sale at X-Men Origins: Wolverine(again, select Xbox 360 once you get to Amazon) can also been picked up on the cheap (combined with the coupon code XMENWLV5 brings it to $33.49 (via I’ve heard Wolverine isn’t a sixty-dollar game, but maybe under forty is worth it?

I don’t know how long these prices will last. Just keeping you informed of deals we think are worth your time.

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  1. While $60-70 is often criminal pricing for many of the games released these days, most of them would easily get my money if they hit for the $30 they seem to be discounted to mere weeks after they come out.

    I still don’t understand exactly why or how stores can do such discounts of this magnitude so shortly after launch and if they CAN (without taking a bath on the price), why not just launch it that cheaply and possibly get that many more gamers buying it? I guess the industry just counts on us having the willpower of a sea cucumber and grabbing whatever shiny thing crosses our path regardless of price or quality.

    Not that I EVER engage in such practices… 🙂

    (Sorry for the rant!)

  2. was selling Red Faction for $40. It sold out fast.

    Also, the Amazon price for the 360 version has gone up. It was at $42 or somewhere close.

    Strange that it’s only the 360 version. I would have bought it at newegg for $40 if it was on the PS3.

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