Point Lookout First Impression


Calling this a “First Impression” might be a bit misleading considering I have all the achievements, even the “Bog Walker” which means I’ve visited all the locations in Point Lookout. However, until I have the time to do a longer write up this will have to do.

Point Lookout is a true expansion to the game. Sticking close to what Fallout 3 does best, with some combat, plenty of exploration, and just enough story to keep things interesting. I love the new weapons and I enjoy what they did to the setting. The terrain and enemies are largely different, with a few familiar faces from the Capitol Wasteland also taking up residence in Point Lookout. On a lark I decided to go to Point Lookout with no weapons other than a Ripper and basic Leather Armor. I think this was the best idea as I had to rely mostly on what I found in the new location. Players often complain about the DLC, but if I showed up with my full kit then it would not have presented much of a challenge.

On the other hand, Fallout 3 was my favorite game last year and I’ve purchased all of the DLC, so keep that in mind. This one isn’t without its problems, but really it’s just the same problems that plague Fallout 3 in general.


  1. Wow, I really need to get back and finish Fallout 3. I was playing it almost exclusively for a long time there and it just sort of fell by the wayside.

    A lot of what I’ve read and heard has said this is the best DLC to start out with. How would you rank the DLC?

  2. Honestly, it’s hard to say. The problem I was about level 28 when I hit Point Lookout. I did Operation Anchorage at level 5.

    However, I didn’t bring in my favorite kit. The stealth suit from Operation Anchorage, the shocksword from same, and the silenced scoped assault rifle from the Pitt. Going native was definitely the way to go.

    I think Point Lookout has been my favorite for it’s scope and the detail of its story. The additions were nice and fit well.

    Next up would be Operation Anchorage, mostly for giving the game a “Go for the Glow” option similar to the original Fallout.

    Then The Pitt, then Broken Steel.

    Sadly, while Broken Steel is probably my least favorite, it is the most necessary since it fixes the level cap. Level 30 is about perfect, there is no need to raise it further. Level 20 was just too easy to hit.

    I think to get the most out of your gameplay experience, Broken Steel is a must have, with Point Lookout the best to experience.

  3. I just arrived on the pier at Point Lookout last night. I look forward to tromping around the swamp for some time.

  4. Ok, so do I get BS now before I finish the game? I’ve heard it “fixes” the ending, which I haven’t seen yet. Would I miss something if i finish it before I download BS?

    Point Lookout sounds like a lot of fun.

  5. I think all of the DLC’s stand well on their own.

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