On my overflowing plate…

Sorry for the absence of late. I’ve had difficulty logging into the site since the update but that freed me up to play and purchase a pile of games.

I will have a review of Miami Law for the DS up soon and impressions of SMT: Devil Survivor, Class of Heroes and Crimson Gem Saga as well. I also plan to finish up Ghostbusters within the week and should have a review of the 360 version up soon.

I also want to take this time to bid a fond farewell to my old 19″ Viewsonic CRT monitor as it makes way for my new baby, a new LG 22″ widescreen!


  1. Any idea what the problems with the site were? That’s bothersome.

    I’m jealous of the new monitor. I have a 17″ LG and really like it. I’d like to upgrade to WS one of these days.

  2. Ah, it was something to do with my log-in and such.

    I’m loving the new monitor so far. It’s such a huge change from the old 19″ CRT…

  3. Good to hear things worked themselves out. I would have screwed something up if I tried to fix it.

    I bet you got a lot of desk real estate back after taking the old CRT down.

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