Archives for July 2009

Dawn of War II on ‘Da Cheap

So far, Dawn of War II is my PC Game of the Year. You can enjoy it this weekend for $25 from Steam (I should be getting paid by Valve.) The Company of Heroes games are discounted too.

I Felt The Rains…

I couldn’t help myself. After months of resisting and with no idea exactly when the North American version will ship or how much it will retail for, I finally broke down and ordered Afrika, sorry, Hakuna Matata for the PS3.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the game, though most people seem to be of the mind that it is a game that is worth $25 rather than $60+. It should arrive sometime next week, so I’ll post some impressions when it makes it over the pond.

In My Hands

In my hands: Punch-Out!! for the Wii and Pure for the 360.

Love Me Some Space Invaders—iPhone Style

Wees talked before about how much wees loveses the Space Invaders around here. Apparently thereís a new version for the iPhone ($4.99!) called Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Itís been getting crazy butt-funk reviews). Apparently you start the game in the classic mode and it evolves into a quasi-shmup. Go to youtube for the trailer or see our comments for the video. (RSS readers may have the video embedded.)

Another milestone reached

Sure, it only took me two measly years to get here, but I finally hit 10,000 Gamerscore today. I hit 5,000 exactly two years ago. What a coincidence!

I am especially proud of this milestone, since the achievement that put me over the edge was the “Big Cheese of the South Seas” achievement from Hexic HD. Not exactly the easiest one for me to get. You might say it was a real achievement.

Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take me another two years to hit 20k!