Fallout 3 on Steam at 50% Off

Two weeks ago it was Empire Total War. Now itís Fallout 3 that is getting the 50% off treatment on Steam. Iím downloading as I type this. Bonus: I can use my 360 controller. Iím excited to see what all you guys have been raving about.


  1. I’m VERY tempted to get this, even though I know it won’t run on my current rig. That said, I’m sure they’ll slash the price again sometime in the future… and I have put more than 75 hours into the 360 version.

  2. I’m really fighting myself over this one. I already have the 360 version, but I would love to have this game wherever I take my massive laptop.

  3. I really need to get back to this one. Such a good game. May you get many visits from a Mysterious Stranger.

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